Are you Functioning Executively?

If you are an SLP and you haven’t yet heard the term “Executive Function” it’s definitely time to catch up.

Over the past couple of years this new ‘buzz term” has emerged within the SLP field, and has been working its way into clinics, schools, reports, IEPs, webinars, and social media conversations worldwide. The response to this new area has been varied, ranging from “I use it daily in my practice,” to “What the heck is it?”

Amanda Morin from defines Executive Function as the “CEO of the Brain,” It is in charge of ensuring that things get from the planning stages of the job to the final deadline. It describes how we manage those cognitive processes such as

  • working memory
  • impulse control
  • self-monitoring
  • planning and prioritizing
  • and organization

One of our own #slpeeps Tara Roehl has written an excellent blog post about Executive function Skills which goes into these skills in more detail, and can be found here.

For our upcoming #slpchat we want to hear more from you about your interests and/or experiences working with clients with Executive Function deficits. We will be discussing resources and skills for assessment and intervention, and clinical populations who may benefit from this treatment. We’ll also be sharing useful information and resources to get you started, and on your way to becoming an Executive Function Expert.

Join us this Sunday February 15th, 2015 at 2pm EST, for an exciting and informative discussion. Also over the week we will be sharing some great resources which we have found on Executive Function, for you to have in your therapy toolbox, so follow @slpchat on twitter to stay informed.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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