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ASHA 12 & 1st Annual #SLPeeps Booth Recap

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Hard to believe but #ASHA12 has come and gone and we #SLPeeps are left with quickly diminishing memories of a beloved hashtag gone by.

We would first like to acknowledge all of the dedication, attention to detail, monetary investment and undying support that Heidi Kay and her Pediastaff extended to the #SLPeeps awareness booth. Although booth #1823 was extremely far off the beaten path (to put it mildly), Pediastaff and our volunteers were able to attract a healthy amount of visitors who were interested in spending some time learning about social media.

Many newbies were signed up with Twitter handles and we walked them thru their “inaugural tweet” to the #SLPeeps community.  Others were introduced to a whole new  visual world of Pinterest and plethora of information shared by pinning and blogging SLPs.

In addition to 1:1 trainings at the booth, step-by-step guides were made available in a 26 page .pdf version. And a traditional Learning Lab was presented by Megan Panatier (@MeganPanatier), Tara Roehl (@SpeechKeenSLP), and Kim Lewis (@ActivityTaylor), which was well attended. From #SLPeeps buttons to Flash Mobs, there was no denying the overwhelming presence of the #SLPeeps!

So now that we are left singing “Tweet Me Maybe” for hours on end after watching the FlashMob video and suffering through ASHA12 “inside joke” tweets –  it is time to begin planning for ASHA13. With your help, #SLPeeps, there will be a booth next year! We are so very grateful to Heidi Kay for establishing a very high standard to begin from. However, it is now time for our community to organize and represent.

We are hoping to have a number of volunteers working on details for the booth well in advance so the workload is minimal per individual.  As the #SLPeeps have always demonstrated, there is strength in numbers. If we can create an incredibly fun and successful FlashMob from all over the U.S. and as far as Barbados … we can definitely organize a fantastic #SLPeeps booth with a year to plan!

Hope you can join us as we are looking forward to hearing your invaluable feedback and opinions. Please join us @SLPchat on Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 2 pm for a review of what worked well and any suggestions or ideas you may have for next year, even if you don’t plan to attend ASHA13.

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Professional Development ‘IRL’ – Going to a Conference

This chat has already occurred. You can see an archive of the entire North American chat here, and the entire Australian chat here.



We, on Twitter, have gotten accustomed to every day feeling like a conference, but we all still attend real life conferences whenever we can. We likely approach conferences/professional development workshops somewhat differently, however. With ASHA 2012 occurring in a week, we will be discussing conference attendance and selection, as well as networking at and preparing for a conference.

Discussion will surround the following themes:

  • Selecting which conference/workshop to attend and which one(s) to skip
  • Selecting which sessions you will attend at large conferences (like ASHA or SPA)
  • Preparing for a conference – What do you bring and how do you prepare yourself to get the most out of a conference?
  • Comparing/contrasting ASHA/SPA to other conferences/workshops people usually attend
  • Networking at a conference – reasons, approaches, and follow up

The chat will occur at 2 pm Eastern Time (New York/Toronto) on Sunday, November 11, 2012 and again on Monday, November 12 at 8 pm Australian Eastern Time (Sydney). We hope to learn a lot with you!

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EBP and the SLP: What informs our practice?

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The emergence of numerous intervention techniques in the field of speech &
language pathology requires the professional to make sound clinical judgements to
ensure best practice in service delivery. In recent years Speech pathologists have
been called on to critically evaluate the literature and choose the best scientific
evidence to justify treatment decisions. This connection between best research
evidence and high quality clinical practice forms part of a term with which we as
professionals are now very well acquainted: “Evidence-Based Practice (EBP).

ASHA proposes a three pronged model of EBP that includes current best practice (published research and position statements by regulatory bodies and professional associations), clinical experience, and patient/client values. None of these three prongs is sufficient on its own, and all three prongs are important contributors to EBP in a clinical setting.

The position statement of the American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA) on
EBP highlights that in making clinical practice evidence-based clinicians should:

  • recognize the needs, abilities, values, preferences, and interests of individuals and families to whom they provide clinical services, and integrate those factors along with best current research evidence and their clinical expertise in making clinical decisions;
  • acquire and maintain the knowledge and skills that are necessary to provide high quality professional services, including knowledge and skills related to evidence-based practice;
  • evaluate prevention, screening, and diagnostic procedures, protocols, and measures to identify maximally informative and cost-effective diagnostic and screening tools, using recognized appraisal criteria described in the evidence-based practice literature;
  • evaluate the efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of clinical protocols for prevention, treatment, and enhancement using criteria recognized in the evidence-based practice literature;
  • evaluate the quality of evidence appearing in any source or format, including journal articles, textbooks, continuing education offerings, newsletters, advertising, and Web-based products, prior to incorporating such evidence into clinical decision making; and
  • monitor and incorporate new and high quality research evidence having implications for clinical practice.

Does this sound like what you are doing in your practice? Tell us more!

Evidenced Based Practice and these ASHA guidelines will be the hot topics for
our next #slpchat, scheduled for Sunday, October 2nd at 6 pm Eastern Time. Join
us and let us know how you are using EBP in your practice and how it influences
treatment decisions and outcomes.

Some of the questions we will be discussing include:

Is any one prong of EBP more important than the others?

Is any one prong used more than the others?

Is any one prong stressed more than the others?

How big and what kind of role do you think patient/client values play ins EBP? Is there a time when you’ve considered it more carefully than other times? Why?

What influences your choice of intervention technique?

Do you thoroughly research new therapy techniques?

How applicable are these guidelines to speech pathologists working in the field?

Are we as clinicians consistently using these guidelines when making treatment

Is this really practical for the wide range of communication and swallowing
disorders which we encounter?

What challenges do you face that may hinder your ability to successfully engage in

Would you use intervention techniques that didn’t have the sound research base
behind them?

How can we attempt to incorporate EBP into our practice when there isn’t formal research on a given therapy technique?

We look forward to hearing your views and experiences. See you there!



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