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We-Cycle: SLPChat #1

There’s a new hot topic on the fingers of  tweeters in the #slpeeps community. It has been making its rounds across various conversations  and everyone is eager to learn more. This topic?  Cycles!

Some of us may or may not have heard of it while in grad school. Others may have dabbled in it a few times in sessions or modified it to fit their interpretation of phonological therapy. Then there are those who live by it, and use it consistently as their primary intervention technique for phonological disorders.  One such person is Speech Pathologist, Mary Huston, on whom the #slpeeps have bestowed the title ‘Cycles Guru.’  Trained by someone who worked closely with  Dr. Barbara Hodson (one of the developers of the Cycles program), you may have noticed her twitter handle @mtmaryslp imparting a wealth of information on the principles and practice of this program.  Many of the professionals have even been trying to persuade her to give a web session on Cycles. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a skype ‘tutorial’  from Mary, and have been using the program in my sessions ever since, with success!  Over the past few weeks we have been encouraging her to feature as a guest blogger in the slp blogosphere. She graciously accepted this request and has written an amazing post on phonology and the ‘how, when, and why’ of Cycles.  This can be accessed here.

We wanted to get all of you slpeeps involved in this discussion on the program, so Tanya and I decided that this would be the perfect topic for our first ‘slpchat’, scheduled Friday, January 7th, 2011 at 8 pm EST. You can convert this time and date to your own time zone (select Canada-Ontario-Toronto as the place to convert from). Although the main focus is the Cycles program, we also want to hear your views on treatment of phonological disorders, the techniques you are learning about in grad school or practising in sessions, and your perspective on phonology. We’d also like to give you a bit of a homework assignment to prepare you for our discussion. This would be particularly useful for those who are unfamiliar with the program or those who need a refresher course.  The following assignment should bring you up to speed on the program:

  1. Read Mary’s article on Cycles found here.
  2. Look at Dawn Moore’s Cycles for Phonology- Main Outline found at  http://www.expressionsspeech.com/therapydocuments.htm
  3. Get an idea of what a cycles session looks like by reviewing Roderick’s sessions, also found at  http://www.expressionsspeech.com/therapydocuments.htm
  4. Read the journal article below, if you can find access. ASHA members can click here.  Be sure to check your professional association or regulatory bodies as well as your local library – many have access to online journals now!
    • Hodson, B. W., Scherz, J. A., & Strattman, K. H. (2002). Evaluating communicative abilities of a highly unintelligible preschooler.American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 11, 236-242.

This would give you a couple of weeks to read and prepare for it and maybe even try the program out in a session or two by the time we have our discussion.

We’re looking forward to hearing your views,experiences and questions, and learning from you as we all continue in our professional development. Invite all of your slpeeps and let’s make our first event a great one!



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