SLPChat Tips

Tip #1: Append all tweets with the tag #slpchat so they can be aggregated (and everyone will see your contributions).
Tip#2: If your tweets are protected, many people will not see your tweets. Please turn this off during the #slpchat. See here for how:

Tip #3: Be sure that you are following @SLPChat so that you can see the questions and twitpolls we’re discussing.

Tip #4: Feel free to engage in side chats with other SLPs WITHOUT the #slpchat tag.  Later, you can catch-up with other conversations.

Tip #5:  DM @SLPChat if you have a question you would like posed or a background Q about the chat itself.

Tip #6: Alert followers that you may be sending multiple tweets so they know to ignore you for a while. If your followers are using TweetDeck or a similar client, they may be able to filter out your tweets for those 1.5 hours.

Tip #7: You may find or make it easier to participate in the #slpchat.

4 responses to “SLPChat Tips

  1. Erin McLeod

    Thanks for hosting this blog: I found the fluency chat very interesting, and I can see earlier chats, which I missed, quite interesting as well. I work in a fairly isolated area, and this is a fabulous venue to pool expertise and connect with others in the field. I know it’s alot of work to organize and facilitate, but it is much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Erin! I think Twitter is a fantastic tool for professionals in isolated areas and we’re glad you like the #slpchat forum we’ve created 🙂

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