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SLPChat Dysphagia Summary Available Now

We had a great chat on Saturday about dysphagia and feeding.  You can read the entire chat, in chronological order, at Chirpstory. Our next chat will be on Saturday, March 13th at 2 PM EST.  For those of you who live by daylight savings time, that’s the day the clocks “spring ahead”.  So, if you live near Toronto, New York, Virginia, etc it will be at 2 pm.  If you live along the West Coast, it will be at 11 am.  If you live in the UK, the chat will be at 6 pm (not 7 pm because Daylight Savings Time kicks in that day).  If you are in Melbourne, Australia it will be 5 am on March 14th (sorry).  If you are still unsure about the date and time, please use the Time Zone Converter to check.

Mark it in your calendar and we’ll see you there!

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