What is SLPChat?

SLPChat is a Twitter based study group.  It is primarily meant for speech and language professionals (e.g. Speech-Language Pathologists/Therapists, SLPAs, CDAs, etc) to collaborate in a more formalized atmosphere for professional development and discussion.  However, you do not have to be a SL professional to participate. We welcome students, people with speech and language disabilities, parents of children with difficulties, teachers, or anyone else interested in the topic. Each chat has a specific topic that will be explored by participants and is moderated by @SLPChat.  If you are interested in joining this study group, please follow @SLPChat on Twitter and this blog to get updates on upcoming topics and chat dates and times.  We will create a new blog post for every SLPChat that will occur and will publicize chats well in advance through this blog and on Twitter.

This blog and @SLPChat is jointly run by Shareka Bentham (@SpeechReka) and Tanya Coyle (@SLPTanya). The Australian component had been run by Lauren Osborne (@speechieLO) with support from Bronwyn Hemsley  (@bronwynhemsley).

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