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#SLP2B Questions and Answers from the #SLpeeps Community

These chats are now complete. You can go here to see the first chat from North America and you can go here to see the second chat from Australia.


As SLP/SLTs we all started out as students or, going back a wee bit further, students working towards being SLP/T students. Do you remember what it was like? Do you remember the sorts of questions and concerns you had?

Our next #slpchat will focus on answering both common and specific questions that people working towards becoming SLP/Ts have. These will be generated mostly by the #SLP2B community and we hope that students will actively participate in the discussion, as well as more seasoned S&L veterans. We will pose the questions that students have throughout the chat and everyone can discuss them together. Multiple points of view are important, as well as multiple country perspectives since it can differ across the world.

STUDENTS: Whether you are hoping to apply to be a speech therapist/pathologist or about to graduate the program, please pose your questions to @slpchat (via DM is preferable, just ask us to follow you if we aren’t already) or by emailing slptanya@gmail.com.

The chat will occur on June 3rd at 2 pm New York, USA time and then again at 8:30 pm Sydney, Australia time on Monday June 4th. Anyone is welcome to attend whichever chat is most convenient for them. As always, you can easily find out what time those chats will be in your region by going to everytimezone.com and sliding the bar to either of the times listed above then checking your related local time.

For anyone who cannot make the chat, we will post the chirpstory chat archives within a day of the chat as we always do.

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