If only we could keep it to 2 sticks and a rock: Therapy materials and the SLP

SLPs have a lot of stuff. Always. We have cabinets or (preferably for us, possibly not for our non-SLP colleagues/families) even rooms full of therapy materials.  If we travel anywhere outside of one building in order to provide service, we can regularly be seen with rolling suitcases in tow, full of materials. Paediatric SLPs are especially prone to this problem, and are forever ruined whenever they enter the toy store, App Store, garage/yard sale, or a friend’s child’s playroom. SLPs who help all age groups are typically looking out for adaptable games, apps, books, or conversation pieces to use in therapy. And if we can’t find what we want in these outlets, there is an entire industry surrounding specific therapy materials to suit our various needs, goals, and targets.

Natasha Anders poses with her therapy materials

Natasha Anderson shows off PART of her considerable collection of therapy materials. She suggests it’s “kind of ridiculous”; we suggest it’s close to the norm for most SLPs (especially who work with kids). This image also demonstrates why Occupational Health & Safety and SLPs tend to be mortal enemies.

There’s an old saying that a good SLP can do therapy for just about anything with 2 sticks and a rock, or the current contents of their purse/backpack. Sure, this is true, we’re great at adapting stuff, but we love options and variability too much to stick to that. At speechtherapyforum.com, for example, Natasha Anderson was one of the first SLPs to regularly discuss her various adapted and specifically designed therapy materials and how she uses them online. Now there are many such blogs and websites for materials ranging from SLP made at TPT to company-made materials specifically for SLP to apps and more.

This month #slpchat will focus on a sort of show and share of therapy materials: What you like, don’t like, adapt to suit, and how you find them. Admittedly, this is a very big topic to cover and we only have about an hour, so come ready to talk about most and least favourites and what you look for in adaptability, just to make the conversation easier. We know, picking a favourite is hard; you can always mention a few, but try to keep it down to a dull roar of 5 or so, if you can!
Join #slpchat March 15, 2015 at 2 pm EDT. Click here to find out when this is for you and mark it in your calendar so you don’t miss it. Beware – Daylight Savings Time starts March 8th so if you don’t observe this, adjust accordingly!

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