SLPChat is Back!!

This chat occurred January 25th, 2015 at 2 pm EST. There wasn’t an Australian counterpart chat this month. Here is a complete archive of the chat.


Would you believe it if we told you that it has been over 5 years that SLPs from different corners of the globe have been using Twitter to network and share their expertise? Furthermore would you believe that the steady daily buzz of thousands of #slpeeps sharing, questioning, interacting, researching on Twitter was at that time a slow trickle, from a handful (literally) of peeps (The term #slpeeps wasn’t coined until later in 2010) searching for ideas, and more importantly similar persons within the field. It must be hard to imagine with the current #slpeeps presence on Twitter, but it truly highlights how far we have come as we continue to make our mark on social media, and on the world.

Another familiar hashtag is about to turn 5 this year as well… guessed it #slpchat!! Although we have been dormant for a while (due to work and life commitments) the founders have decided that this is the best year to resume our lively discussions for our #slpchat veterans and newbies. We sure have missed you all and still believe that #slpchat is an essential part of our twitter community.

We therefore wish to invite you all to our “welcome back” chat on Sunday January 25th 2015 at 2 p.m Eastern Time.

This chat is all about YOU; we want to know:

  • How twitter has changed for you over the years
  • How it has supported (or not supported) your practice over the years
  • Are you still a die-hard twitter user? Have other social networks (linkedin, facebook etc.) started to fill your professional needs?
  • Is twitter still your go-to place for information/meeting other professionals?
  • Are you keeping up with current trends or are you getting lost in information [overload]?
  • Are there any tools/apps that have made navigating twitter easier for you as more professionals tweet?

We also want to hear some of your ideas for hott topics for this year.

We’re so glad to be back, and we’re looking forward to having you back with us as well!


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5 responses to “SLPChat is Back!!

  1. It IS good to see you back, #SLPchat! Here’s to a collaborative, interesting and enjoyable 2015 with a focus on evidence-based practice in Speech-Language Pathology / Speech and Language Therapy around the world.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the chats again! I love the community building and the mix of research and real-world applications that the #SLPeeps bring to the table. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already from when we first started building our community from that (literally) handful of SLPs to the multitude we have now. So pleased to be part of this welcoming community! I’m definitely looking forward to participating in the chats!

  3. Reblogged this on Speech Adventures and commented:
    I LOVE seeing that the #SLPChats are starting up again! I sincerely hope all of you are able to participate in some way. For those that don’t know, an #SLPChat is a twitter discussion where participants can talk about relevant SLP topics freely. There is some guided discussion, and it’s always a good source of information and thought provoking discussions. In the past, we have discussed Cycles, NSOME, AAC…many different topics.
    I hope I see you there! Drop me a note here if you plan to participate! Until then…Adventure on!

  4. I’m looking forward to it! I joined Twitter in 2012 & seem to recall a couple of #SLPChats, but I was too new to really participate.

  5. speechreka

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Looking forward to having you all with us throughout this year. Thanks for sharing Mary:)

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