(Re)Welcome Chat

This chat occurred on July 9, 2012 and is now finished. Click here to see a summary (Chirpstory) of the tweets and read the entire chat.


The North Americans are out for summer holidays and the Aussies are taking over! The following blog post was written by Bronwyn for a chat held only in Australia on July 9th:

Is this your first, second, third, or twentieth #SLPchat? Help us make it a warm welcome for all the new Australian #SLPeeps in Twitter – there are a lot of new students and speech pathologists all around Australia in Twitter now, especially since the #SPAconf2012.

9th July 2012 at 8pm AEST for one hour or for however long you can join us! Each topic question listed below will run for 10-15 minutes and is chaired by @speechielo, Lauren, who is an incognito speech language pathologist and is simply wonderful. Lauren is helped by Bronwyn @bronwynah and Harmony @SP_Harmony. A twitter chat works when a few people get online at the same time and know what they’re talking about – so here are the topics!

Topic 1: You and your areas of interest in speech pathology.
How you define yourself and your role or interests on Twitter helps others to know if they want to follow your tweets, and helps bring like minded people together. Please note – if you are incognito in Twitter (trying to stay anonymous) please feel free to stay that way, just tell us things that you think would not identify you, but would help us to know a bit more about your main areas of interest.

Topic 2: What’s Twitter like for you – are you a newbie or been here a while? What topics would you like to see discussed on #SLPchat in the future? (What would see you coming up – apart from the awesome company of course!)

Topic 3: Twitter is good in short bursts, every day. If people join up and then only log in a few times, it doesn’t really work. It works best if you interact with other people
– like Re-Tweeting, sending a reply, modifying a tweet, and so on. It’s boring if you log on to twitter, and nobody has replied to your amazing insights. And yes, even tweets about coffee, cats, and starting back to work on a Monday can be delightfully insightful, and are shared experiences. You never know what somebody will get out of your tweet. A Twitter chat is a great way to practice – have you tried it tonight? Send us a few replies when you see this topic go past. Keep your friends interested in Twitter by connecting frequently with short messages – it takes a second.

Topic 4: Twitter treasure hunt – right now, try to find something related to speech language pathology in Pinterest (www.pinterest.com). It can be anything, but we are really trying to see if Pinterest might be another good networking tool for us #SLPeeps. In Twitter, you can send a link to Pinterest. So if you find something, just copy paste the URL into a tweet, and send it along. It’s a twitter treasure hunt, just for fun. When you see a link, have a look and let us know what you think. All of the links will go into the Chirpstory as well, at the end and be posted so you can read them after the chat.


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