Ask An(other) SLP

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The #SLPeeps have been a great resource for random questions and getting answers fast from a broad range of perspectives. Have you ever had big questions you didn’t ask? Or do you get questions from clients and families that you are never sure you’re answering in the best possible way?  Have you ever wondered what other people are doing to get around the sorts of problems and roadblocks you come up against in your practice?

Conversely, non-SLPs may not feel they are ‘allowed’ to ask questions using the #SLPeeps hashtag (but they are welcome to! Of course, they may not even know the #SLPeeps tag exists?) Students, soon to be students, and/or anyone who is not a SLP may have burning speech or language related questions too!

This time, for our last #slpchat of 2011, we want to do something very different. We want YOU to generate the questions and steer the discussion. But in order to do that, we need your questions!!

So, please, DM @SLPChat with any question or concern you have come up against in your practice as an SLP or as a non-SLP who would relish the opportunity to ask SLPs open questions. You can also email your questions to if @SLPChat is not following you (although we make every effort to follow back anyone who is following us).

The #slpchat will be held live on Twitter Sunday, November 20th at 7 pm EST. If you are unsure when that time and date is for you, please consult this handy visual time zone: -> 7 pm EST is New York time – slide the green line until it lines up with 7 pm in New York and your corresponding time will be displayed at the top.

We look forward to fielding your questions and seeing you next week.


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  1. thanks for linking to the timezone website- it’s nice to be sure what time it will be! 🙂

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