Oral Motor Chat Update

Well, I dropped the ball and didn’t make a Chirpstory out of the tweets from last week’s chat in time.  Now the tagged tweets are gone.  I apologize in the biggest way.  Also, the “I” in this blog is Tanya. Shareka would have never dropped the ball like I did!  However, I’ve learned a new lesson and discovered how to make the Chirpstories much more quickly so that it will never happen again and we’ll always have a record of the chats.

It was an interesting chat, and was the best attended ever.  We learned a few things from having the chat be so large – you cannot possibly keep up with all chats and conversations, especially if it was the first time someone tried to participate in the chat.  In future, we suggest that you monitor @SLPChat closely for the questions during the chat and then allow yourself to be immersed in a specific smaller group conversation within the chat.  You can always go back and read the other comments later that day or over the next few days.  And (live and learn) I won’t allow myself to make the same Chirpstory mistake again so you will have the chat completely saved for later reading and discussion.  We encourage people to discuss these topics and follow up with participants at their leisure long after the chat is officially finished.

We do have the results of our poll on use of non-speech oral motor exercises.  We were surprised to see how many people are using them, although there remains a great deal of unclarity over what different people consider to be an NSOME.  This topic will almost surely be revisited in the future with more specific content and careful planning on our part to attempt to keep discussion focussed.  You can see the results of our poll here: http://twtpoll.com/r/n0at0a

See you on May 8th at 2 pm ET for our chat on building an early lexicon in language delayed children.

UPDATE: Thanks to @kateoregon, we now have a google doc with the entire #slpchat 🙂  hurray.  You can read the chat here. Please note that you must go to the bottom of the doc and read up to see the chat in chronological order. Supreme thanks to Kate Cross for making it possible 🙂



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2 responses to “Oral Motor Chat Update

  1. Erin McLeod

    Thanks for all the instructions. I have been working with 0-3 for the past year and a half, and am really interested in what transpires.

    • Glad we might be able to offer you something – did you have a chance to read the chat? Also, the podcast Teach Me To Talk discussed this similar topic the next day (April 11th)! It’s available on iTunes for download.


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